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Locations of Franking Post Boxes

Benefits of Franked Mail & Franking Post Boxes

Franking your mail is good for any business with large amounts of post to distribute, not only is franking about a third cheaper than buying postage stamps, you can also print your company logo on all outgoing mail.

A franking machine will also save you and your workers precious time, as it puts an end to queuing in the Post Office everyday as working with a franking provider means all your labels and mailroom stationery is delivered to you, and your post is collected.

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Franked Mail Post Box

How to Present Franked Mail

Firstly, franked mail has to be sorted according to how it is destined to be sent: 1st, 2nd, recorded delivery, special delivery etc. It is also sorted by format so make sure size and weight are correctly bundled.

Airmail post will need the correct Airmail label attached. The address label needs to be clearly printed with no smudged ink or unreadable text, otherwise you run the risk of the mail being rejected by the sorting office. Printing needs to be in red ink.

A top Expert Market tip: set your franking machine to zero and do a test run to ensure the print quality is top notch.

Posting Franked Mail

Franked mail must display the first part of your post code and the date it was franked.

If you think you are going to miss the deadline for posting that day re-frank your mail with fresh packaging and the next day's date. If you keep the spoiled packaging you can return it to Royal Mail for a refund, provided this is done within six months.

Once franked and packaged correctly, your mail can be taken to the Post Office, posted in a postbox with a franking slot, or collected by the postman if you've registered for that service.

This service is free if your postage quantity is high enough (£15,000 per year or more), otherwise you will have to pay a fee.

Franked mail must not be placed in an ordinary non-business post box because the sorting system is different and the two should not be jumbled. If franked mail is inadvertently placed in a non-business post box delivery is likely to be delayed.

Franking Post Box Locations

A quick way to locate your nearest franked mail postbox would be to contact Royal Mail small and medium business advice directly on their automated information line for exact locations: 0845 6050767.

For pouches and parcels you will need to track down Business Post Boxes by telephoning 08457 950 950.

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