How Much Do Franking Machines Cost?

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This article will explain the factors that go into how franking machines are priced and offer some excellent models to choose from that cost under £2000.

Franking Machine Prices

Franking machines in the UK range from under £1,000 for a basic machine to more than £20,000 for a top of the line machine.

A more expensive model can process high volumes of post and comes with an automatic feeder, stacker and envelope sealer. Some models are capable of feeding 300 mail items a minute, which can save your business a lot of time if you process large amounts of post. Large volume franking machines can also have up to 100 or more departmental costing codes for accounting purposes.

Small franking machines, such as the Neopost AutoStamp2 , can print up to 50 mailing items a day and has 10 departmental access codes.

A slightly better machine with an integral weighing platform, like a Neopost IS-280, can cost about £1,200 and will come with the additional benefits of tariff updates via a LAN.

Cheapest Franking Machine Models

ModelRental PricePurchase PriceInk PriceScale Capacity kgLetters/min
Neopost IS-240£19.9£995£82.99220
FP Mailing MyMail£20£1000£49.95220
Frama EcoMail£20£1000£25220
Pitney Bowes DM50£20.4£1020£59.95220
Neopost IS-280£25£1250£82.99225
Pitney Bowes DM55£26.3£1315£59.95230
Neopost IS-330£27.3£1365£109.99230
Pitney Bowes DM160i£39.9£1995£89.95540
FP Mailing Optimail£40£2000£14.75235
Frama Matrix F2£40£2000£85.951525

Choosing Features

You will have different needs depending on the size of your business. Large businesses may have dedicated staff and space for post. In a small business responsibility for post may be a small part of someone's role. Either way, a franking machine will provide time and money savings.

One of the best small business franking machine is the Pitney Bowes DM50. This machine has an integral weighing machine and promotional message capability on all franked mail.

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Renting Franking Machines

Purchasing a new franking machine outright can be a heavy cost, especially for a small business, but you can offset this by renting a model instead.

Renting offers a number of attractive features, such as tax deductions, lower risk maintenance agreements, the ability to get a higher grade machine than you would normally be able to afford, as well as a host of other benefits.

Franking machine rental prices start at less than £20 a month for a machine suited for a small business, and around £29 a month for a rental which includes onsite repair and replacement ink cartridges.

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Saving Money

Franking machines also have much lower postal rates than ordinary Royal Mail stamps.

UK Delivery Normal Price Franking Price Savings
1st Class Letters 62p 50p 12p 19%
1st Class Small Parcel £3.20 £2.90 30p 9%
2nd Class Letters 55p 37p 16p 29%
2nd Class Small Parcel £2.80 £2.50 30p 11%
Special Delivery™ Next Day £6.40 £6.15 25p 4%
Special Delivery™ 9am £18.18 £16.92 £1.26 7%
International Delivery Normal Price Franking Prices Savings
International Standard 10g Letter 97p 85p 12p 12%
International Standard 100g within EU £2.35 £2.05 30p 13%
International Standard 100g outside EU £3.48 £3.14 34p 10%

Next Steps

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